The Official Bitcoin Coloring Book


The long awaited volume from Satoshi Nakamoto, renowned polymath and creator of Bitcoin is finally here! Printed on a brilliant white paper, The Official Bitcoin Coloring Book* is packed with unique, right-brain insights into this revolutionary digital currency. Whether you are a novice investor, expert cryptocurrency trader, or hodlr, discover the relaxation and inner calm that is proof of the coloring work, the zen state that can help you to capitalize on Bitcoin’s tremendous potential. And if you enjoy the excitement of solving challenging puzzles, the book also contains clues to help you discover the locations of and access valuable Bitcoin treasure which Nakamoto has “buried” online.

Remember this cryptic quote from Nakamoto: “There is more to the art of coloring than meets the eye. Quite a bit more.”

THE OFFICIAL BITCOIN COLORING BOOK is *Blockchain Verified and 100% Gluten Free. No internet connection, graphics card or external power source required.

The author is donating 100% of his book royalties to STEM and environmental education programs serving underprivileged youth.



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