The Journey From Poor Procrastinator to Invested Millennial

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Too often, we procrastinate about managing our money, doing taxes and payments. But the consequences of that can be dire – and this book will showed you and finding ways to beat procrastination. You most certainly wouldn’t find any sugar-coating of the problems caused by the lack of smart money management here – “Your Journey from Poor Procrastinator to Invested Millennial” is keeping it real. And not just about the matters of money, either.

Whether you’re a millennial fresh out of school or a member of Generation X, chances are that you’ve probably had some money troubles in your life. And there is a very high possibility that many of them stemmed out from procrastination. Or maybe it was because of the lack of knowledge and understanding of finance, or even reluctance to embrace the new technologies that can make your life easier. Even if you find the idea of personal finance, taxes and savings alien and scary, the book can help you.

Fear of going broke is a powerful motivator, but it can sometimes make things worse for financial procrastinators. Especially if you’re a millennial for whom being broke is the norm. Don’t be that person – don’t be afraid of finance! This book will tell you how to not get bogged down by the scary grown-up world of money and how to get over any fears you might have.

But getting over fear of finance is just the beginning. How do you actually start managing and saving your money rather than procrastinating? What kind of investments are suitable for you? Is investing even feasible if you have no clear goal in mind? And most importantly, what can investing and managing your money can get you – besides a chance to say goodbye to a student loan?

“Your Journey From Poor Procrastinator to Invested Millennial” has all the answers to the above questions – and many others. This book is an absolute must for any young – or young at heart – person who’s ever struggled to understand personal finance and has had reservations about investments.




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